Sayfer Media Kit

What is Sayfer?

Sayfer is an app and web platform developed by the Center for Freedom and Safety as a tool to inform and empower individuals to stay safe and join the fight against hate incidents and crimes in the US.

Sayfer features—and allows users to submit—videos, photos, information, text, and other materials related to user-experienced or witnessed hate crimes or other incidents that are unlawful, wrongful or hate-based which may lead to violence.

Awareness: Through a customized feed, based on selected geographic locations and interests, users view and comment on reports published by Sayfer, including information submitted by other users or provided to Sayfer by its partners.

Reporting: Users can report incidents anonymously or identifiably, receive updates and directly communicate with Sayfer’s moderators regarding their reports, share reports to other platforms, and more.

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What is CFS?

The Center for Freedom and Safety (CFS) is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to bring together community leaders, organizations, advocates and allies of all identities—collaborating, sharing knowledge and resources—to proactively stand up to and stop hate groups and individuals undermining American ideals of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for all.

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Visuals for Media Use

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Members of the media are encouraged to contact us via email: info@freedomandsafety.org.

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