Partner with CFS

Community Leaders Wanted

The American promise of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness is under threat. We must unite to stand up to hate and take action to stem the tide.

Work with leaders and representatives of identity groups to help communities feel safer, feel heard, and take action against incidents of hate.

Our Partner Program is completely free and voluntary.

United We Stand

CFS works closely with partners to deliver the knowledge and tools their communities need to stand up to hate, discrimination and violence.

Exclusive Intelligence Reports

Partners get access to our intelligence reports that combine communal knowledge and public information, for comprehensive, actionable insights.

Virtual and In-Person Training

Partners receive self-awareness, safety, and response training. Our team works to curate relevant resources that support community members in staying safe and standing up to hate.

A United Front Against Hate

Send a clear message to those hate groups and individuals would keep us isolated and afraid, that we will not be passive victims of their ignorant ideology.

Join Our Growing Network of Partners

Collaborate, share knowledge, experiences,  and resources, and present a united front against those who would do any of us harm. There is no cost to become a partner and it’s simple to do.

Use the button below to get in touch, learn more and join the movement to make a safer America for all. 

Working with Law Enforcement

We recognize that trust in law enforcement has been eroded in many communities and identity groups. Too many people would rather not report an incident than risk collaborating with police departments.

Yet, we believe the best way forward is together. That’s why we serve as a bridge between targeted identity groups and law enforcement agencies, sharing relevant information to stop the groups and individuals attacking our freedom and safety.

If you represent a law enforcement agency interested in collaborating to stop perpetrators and prevent hate crimes, get in touch.