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Americans of all identities are uniting against hate and divisiveness. We’re bringing together community leaders, organizations, advocates and allies of all identities—collaborating, sharing knowledge and resources—to proactively stand up to and stop hate groups and individuals undermining American ideals of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for all.

Annual Hate Crimes in U.S.

In the U.S., with only 78% of law enforcement agencies participating, 2022 saw a significant increase in reported hate crime incidents.

Incidents Reported

Offenses Committed

Victims Affected


Increase over 2021

How We Work

CFS and our partners are uniting communities of all identities in the fight against hate.
CFS Partners

Partnering with Communities

We help partner organizations representing all kinds of identity groups educate and activate their communities against hate—empowering them with a voice and a unified front against those who want to keep them afraid and isolated.
CFS Partners

Building Trust

Hate groups and individuals rely on making their targets feel alone and powerless—unable to lean on each other, and eroding trust in law enforcement. By bringing communities together, we’re opening new lines of communication, creating new connections and rebuilding trust.

Community Leaders Wanted

We’re creating an inclusive solution to stopping hate and regaining freedom and safety for all.

Our Programs

Resources for identity groups, allies and everyone who wants to stand up to hate in America.

Independent Research

We conduct in-house analysis, combined with public reporting and behind-the-scenes intelligence to get the most comprehensive insights that community leaders need to know.
Sayfer app on iPhone

Sayfer App: Empowering Action

No one has to feel powerless against hate. CFS developed the Sayfer app to give every individual the ability to speak up and do something about hate incidents.

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